Turkey’s Central Bank Head Says Crypto Regs Coming, Denies Total Ban Ahead

The head of Turkey’s central bank ruled out a total ban of cryptocurrencies and said a wide range of crypto regulations is coming within two weeks, Trade Moneta reported.

  • Speaking on state-run channel TRT, Governor Şahap Kavacıoğlu said, “You cannot fix anything by banning crypto and we do not intend to do this.”
  • Kavacıoğlu’s comments come less than a week before a planned ban on the use of cryptocurrencies for payments is due to go into effect. The announcement of the ban, which came as the use of cryptocurrencies in the nation has soared due to a plunging lira, drew protests from the government’s political opponents.
  • The comments also came shortly after the detention of employees of two crypto exchanges that are being investigated by the government.
  • Without giving details about the coming regulations, Kavacıoğlu indicated they would clarify the legal definition of cryptocurrencies and regulate how they should be stored by institutions, Trade Moneta said.
  • The central bank chief said the regulations are needed to address the “alarming” amount of funds leaving the country via cryptocurrency, the report said.
  • News of the country’s coming ban on crypto use for payments sparked a sell-off in the price of bitcoin (BTC, +6.91%) partly on concerns that other countries could follow Turkey’s lead.




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Stock Point

Stock Point is a cross-platform cryptocurrency exchange. Crypto it’s easy with us! stockpoint.io

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