Shanghai Man: Crypto media closes, bad news just repeats, mining laws are beneficial?

With government officials trying to clean up the image of China prior to the start of the Winter Games, miners are leaving in droves and media group Bishijie has been forced to close down.

It has now been two months since the crypto crackdown and subsequent enforcement began. Most new stories are now just the trickling down of earlier national policies being enforced at a provincial level. The latest example was from the Anhui provincial government, as it announced a set of measures to reduce energy consumption, with cryptocurrency mining listed among the culprits. Anhui is a small province east of Shanghai, more known for its scenic rural landscape and agriculture than its contributions to the economic development of China. It’s likely other provinces, particularly ones that rely on coal for energy, will have similar announcements over the summer as the central government pushes for a carbon-neutral future.

On July 13, Chinese mining pool giant Bit Mining announced it had raised $50 millionfor expansion outside of China. The company is listed on Nasdaq and operates, which is currently a top 5 pool for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. This is another sign that Chinese mining companies aren’t giving up in light of the restrictions at home, instead choosing to relocate the data centers and mining machines abroad.

The disappearing industry left a trail of impressive photographs, including some published by Financial media Caixin. One image that grabbed the attention of social media depicted a woman who appeared to be an ethnic minority holding a bundle of mining equipment and power cables like a flower bouquet.

Going for gold?

With the upcoming Winter Olympics in February of 2022 looming, Beijing will have the perfect opportunity to show off clear blue skies and clean-energy industries. On top of that, China can showcase its state-of-the-art central bank digital currency, without the confusion stemming from more speculative digital assets that might appear to have similarities on the surface. Those with first hand memories of the 2008 Summer Olympics may also remember the strict regulation against technology and social unrest prior to that landmark event.

Lowest volumes in years

Working together for compliance?

Abandoning ship

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