Crypto Wireless Carrier Helium Mobile Will Power Solana’s Saga Smartphone

Decentralized, crypto-fueled wireless network Helium recently voted to move from its own platform to Solana, a leading layer-1 blockchain network. Now that alliance is set to get even stronger, with Helium and Solana bringing their respective mobile initiatives together. Helium and Solana Labs announced a partnership to bring the upcoming Helium Mobile service.

The Android-powered Saga phone will come with a free 30-day trial for Helium Mobile in the United States, offering unlimited voice and text use during that span. The Saga phone will not be exclusive to Helium Mobile, however: a Helium representative clarified to Decrypt that Solana Labs’ smartphone can be used with other carriers instead. GM of wireless at Nova Labs — the startup that represents the founders of and core contributors to the Helium network — told Decrypt that the partnership is a “natural fit.”.



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