Games Releases its Very First Crash Game Space XY

Play a brand new crash game on’s crypto casino brought to you by BGaming!

First-Ever Space Crash Game on Games

Crash gambling is a type of casino gaming genre that includes a pretty simple and fun-to-play mechanic. It is relatively new and is oftentimes found to capture the imagination of modern-age gamers that like to multiply their thrill with insane money multipliers. Crash games have found a niche spot among Bitcoin gaming enthusiasts as it closely resembles the nature of cryptocurrency charts and the thumb-rule of ‘getting out at the right time’ before the market crashes.

Now, our crypto casino Games is bringing you a novel crash game in coordination with one of the hottest gaming providers in the crypto casino industry BGaming. A completely new kind of adrenaline rush awaits in the first-of-its-kind crash game, Space XY, where players get to fly a spacecraft towards galactic interspace. Traversing through the X and Y coordinates, the space rocket reaches new money multipliers as it flies higher and higher.

Players can place bets on how high the rocket will go and hop off at the right time to cashout out up to 10,000x their bet amount

Placing bets before the flight and hopping off at the right time can reward players with massive winnings of up to 10,000x their bet amount. Players can also place multiple bets during the time of flight if they wish to maximize their gains. The autoplay feature within the game also allows players to leave the rocket once an exact multiplier is reached.

Space XY is a supremely fun game with exciting gameplay that arguably remains unrivaled by any other type of online casino game. Check out this newly added game from BGaming now on Games!

What do you think about Space XY? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.




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